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V. G. Mehta: [1913-86]
A visionary and a pioneer who conceived the ITRR way back in 1939 at a young age of twenty-six, at a time when the concept of a Ready Reckoner for Income-tax was unknown. The first man ever in India to explain the intricate tax provisions in a simple language adorned with copious examples and computation of tax, easily understandable to all. A legend in his own right, today his name is known to one and all, tax payers and tax practitioners all over India. More than seven decades later, the ITRR started by him is truly a beacon of his spirit.

N. V. Mehta:
Son of Mr. V. G. Mehta, a Chartered Accountant with law degree, started co-authoring the ITRR in 1976. A practising Chartered Accountant since 1965, he brings in rich and varied experience, and a sharp eye for accuracy, inherited from his father, Mr. V. G. Mehta. He is the sole author of the ITRR since 1987. His meticulous attention to details without compromising the lucidity is what makes the V. G. Mehta's ITRR unique.

Kishore Mehta:
Son of Mr. V. G. Mehta, a commerce graduate and MBA from the USA, he is looking after the publication and marketing aspects of the ITRR since 1975. He is the managing Partner of Shri Kuber Publishing House, which is the sole publisher of the ITRR. His commercial acumen is the inheritance from his father, Mr. V. G. Mehta. His marketing prowess, along with the lucidity of the ITRR, has carved a niche of its own all over India for V. G. Mehta's ITRR.

Vakil & Sons Pvt. Ltd.
Printers of the V. G. Mehta's ITRR since 1950. The name of Vakil & Sons is synonymous with aesthetic clarity and finishing the job on time every time, since long. By no small means the printers contribute to the unique place the V. G. Mehta's ITRR occupies in India and abroad.

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